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Economic slowdown

UK economy remains weak

The UK is expected to have fallen into recession in the final quarter of 2023. GDP fell by 0.1% in the third quarter of 2023 and The National Institute of
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Interest Rates held

UK and USA interest rates left unchanged

This week the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England both left interest rates on hold. The recent modest reduction of inflation meant the decisions to leave rates unchanged was no
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Artificial Intelligence

Enthusiasm for AI in USA drives S&P 500 HIGHER

US equities shrugged off the difficult start to 2024 as technology stocks led the market to further gains. Many big technology stocks are delivering trading updates in the next few weeks
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Interest Rate Cuts?

Rising inflation erodes hopes of an early interest rate cut

This week the slight tick upwards in inflation and the weight of combined warnings from the world’s central bankers added to the cautious mood in 2024. Equities and bonds have given
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US headline inflation rises – but bond markets remain focused on rate cuts for 2024

This week US headline inflation came in stronger than expected. A rise was on the cards but the increase was a bit bigger than forecast as higher energy and housing
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Oil price rise

Oil: Prices rise as Middle East conflict escalates

The price of oil jumped due to fears that conflict in the Middle East is spreading. Several leaders of Hamas were killed in an explosion in Beirut and almost 100
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Fossil Fuels to be phased out

COP 28 ends with commitment to phase out fossil fuels

The latest international conference on climate change ended with a commitment to phase out fossil fuels in order to meet the target of limiting the increase in global temperatures and
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Bond market rallies

Bonds: Europe takes the lead as Government bond rally continues

This week we saw more enthusiasm for government bonds as investors doubled down on the view that central banks will cut rates in 2024 and will cut them significantly. European government
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Inflation falls

More good news on inflation

This week saw government bonds lead a broad market rally once more. Better news for inflation and a gradual slowdown in economic activity raised hopes that the Federal Reserve may be
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