UK charity relief statistics

HMRC has published the UK charity tax relief statistics. The statistics broadly show:
For 2018-19 the total amount of tax relief to charities is estimated to be £3,790m which is an increase of over £100m since the previous tax year.
The total amount of tax relief for individuals is estimated to be £1,530m for 2018-19 which is an increase of £30m on the previous tax year.
For reliefs to individuals following a charitable donation the largest contributors in 2018-19 continued to be Inheritance Tax Relief (£890m) and Higher Rate Relief (£520m).
In 2018-19, over 70,000 charities received £1,350 million in Gift Aid
The number of individuals declaring a donation via Self Assessment has plateaued in recent years at about 1.2 million. The total value of their donations has grown overall since 2007-08 and every year since 2011-12, with a value of £3,179m in 2017-18.

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